Game Services

Game-Dev Outsourcing

Create enjoyable mobile gaming experiences. Also including game porting and game localization.

Make Your Dream Game !

If you have any idea or concept about making your own game, let's do it! Discuss with our team.

Game Server

Game server and game network solutions. Integrating Client-Server architecture with your existing games.

VR Solutions

VirTual Reality Solutions with HTC VIVE & Oculus Rift devices.

Game Co-Development

Co-development allows you to extend your current team with senior programmers, seasoned artists and experienced game designers.

Game Music Compose

We got an excellent game music composer. Give him a chance!

Business Services

App Commercial

Software development on Android and iOS. Customize your own commercial Apps.

Social Automation

Automate the boring and tedious stuff for internet marketing purpose. Like Registe, finding, data crawling.

Facebook Automation

Interact with your audience with a powerful set of Facebook automation tools. Including "group finder", "auto liker", "friends add automation"

Tech Issue Consultant

Q any software issue you want.

La Corda d'Oro 3

"La Corda d'Oro 3" is a role-playing game series targeted at a female demographic audience under the Neoromance. Co-develop with "KOEI TECMO GAMES" and "Cayenne's Ark Mobile". Released on GooglePlay and Apple Store.

PetBoard Go ! Burst

"PetBoard Go! Burst" is an multi-player realtime running game! Players can select different Characters and different Alien partners to join racing room.
(Server currently on maintenance.)

PetBoard Go!

“Petbroad Go!” is an endless running game.

Happy Pig

Take care of your own pigs and make them grow, then you can make breeding!

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Screen Shot.

Viking Battle

Viking Battle gameplay.

Talking Island 2

Video of Education PC Game, Talking Island. Publisher :

Title Screen.
Screen Shot.
Screen Shot.

Devil Frontier

A Turn-Based Role-Playing Games released in Taiwan, Honkong.

Bee Garden

A casual game using Gyroscope Sensor in your smartphone.

VR Gaming

Virtual-Reality Gaming with Motion Sensing technologies.

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